Do you know that Bank of America is giving away your personal info to its third party associations?

I feel shocked for what has been going on in my account. It is, Elite Excursion that has been taking out $20.99 monthly from my account for the past two years without my permission. I still don’t know who authorized such payments, but at least I know from a representative of Bank of America that they have given away my private information because Elite Excursions is one of its third party associations.

My main concern is what the representative told me: “You should follow this up“, but why? since Bank of America gave away my account number, they should follow this up not me.

I knew that I must have not been the only one affected by this crime, so I did a research online, and I found this:

Some of the comments on the post that bring up anyone attention are:

1. I would really like to know how they got my information though. pretty sleazy if you ask me.
2. I think anyone who has been affected by these fraudelent account debits should find joint legal representation, since it is obvious that BOA or Elite Excursions do not intend to refund all debits.
3. I called Elite Excursions and was given a fax number (1800-964-8115), which I use to send a letter requesting full refund. Over the phone I could get the refunds for the past 2 months. Has anyone successfully gotten a full refund?
4. One of Elite Excursion’s employees wrote: “sue your bank of whoever because they are the ones who gave the company your credit card information (and ask for the proof of enrollment address because we do have that department available for you).
5. I have been charged from May 2007-Jan 2008 19.95 a month from BOA Elite Excursions without my permission. They have been taking it out directly from my bank account!
7. Unethical business practices like these should be what Congress asks about…not steriods.
8. I received my credit card statement in today’s mail and an item for $119.99 appeared. The phone number (877-488-9283) appeared alongside the the entry, TLG*ELITEEXCUR….

Everywhere I complained, they behave very polite, however, it does not matter because base on previous experiences not all the money is back. The question is: HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE BEING ROBBED BY THESE PEOPLE?

According with Bank of America’s policy, they have the right to share customer’s information because it is stated in one of the regulations that customers accept when they sign up for an account (well … there are so many that nobody has the patient to read all of them) As solution they suggest to activate an option called “OPT OUT” which supposedly avoid the sharing of customer’s private information with third party associations.

If you are a Bank of America customer and want to know if you are being robbed by these people follow these instructions in the Bank of America website, after signing in:


1. Customer Service

2. View/Print Statements

3. Find transactions


4. Find transactions containing: elitex, or elite, or boaelitex(any of these three)

5. Between now and: the latest date(usually is one year behind)

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